Professional Goals


Career prospects for the graduates from this program include working with private and public organisations in both academic profiles. Among these organisations are companies engaged in journalistic activities (of varied dimension, at local, national level and in different areas from written press to audiovisual, on-line and radio); communication bureaus (public or private); local, regional and national government bodies; enterprises of varied activity sectors (who need to develop their own communication strategy); foundations/associations and others (engaged in the organisation of events).

Graduates from this program are prepared to perform as:


Journalism Profile:

  • Press Journalists
  • On-line Journalists
  • Radio Journalists
  • TV and Agency journalists
  • Multimedia journalists
  • Photojournalists
  • Audiovisual technicians
  • Content producers and editors

Corporate Communication Profile:

  • Communication and marketing consultants
  • Press Advisers
  • Public Relations
  • Event organiser and manager
  • Content Managers