TeSP - Marketing Digital

120 ECTS, 4 semesters, Degree official code: T059
Management School of Tomar, School official code 3241

Because the future is yours!



The Higher Education Academy of Mafra (AESM) provides, from the 2021/2022 academic year, Higher Technical Professional Courses (CTESP).This public training offer of proximity, specialized and articulated with the needs of the local socio-economic fabric, intends to be a boost in the qualification of young people. Where does EHESM work?EHESM will be working in facilities lent by the Mafra City Hall, in two poles: the Mafra pole, located in Rua Dr. Domingos Machado Pereira (former Mafra Health Centre); and the Ericeira pole, located in Rua Prudêncio Franco da Trindade (Ericeira Business Factory facilities).

What is a CTESP?

Provided by polytechnic education, it is a new type of higher education, with a duration of two years, which includes six months of internship, corresponding to 120 credit units (ECTS). It grants a diploma of higher professional technician of level 5 of the National Qualifications Framework, and, if you wish, you can afterwards enter in the study cycles of bachelor's degree and integrated master's degree, through a special concurrence, acquiring the respective academic degree.

Who can apply to a CTESP?

- Holders of a secondary education course or legally equivalent qualification;- Holders of a level 4 vocational secondary education course;

-Holders of a technological specialization diploma (CET);- Holders of a higher education degree who wish to undergo vocational re-qualification;

- Those who have passed the especially adequate exams aimed at assessing the ability of those over 23 years old to attend higher education.



Collaborate , autonomously or under supervision in the development of digital marketing products. The professional profile is highly versatile , since it has to have skills in product development , integrated use of computer applications  and customer management skills , either through CRM systems , either through content marketing , with great potential for tourism. The graduate should be able to do the design and implementation of commercial digital marketing campaigns , either within the B2B or from the end customer.



- Develop and execute the marketing and communications planning of an online market strategy;

- Develop and coordinate digital marketing campaigns;

- Manage brand identity, positioning and main criteria for market segmentation in the digital environment;

- Monitor the application of commercial legislation in the marketing and communication planning of an online market strategy;

- Create content for the digital environment in line with consumer needs

- Managing and using the new digital media available using new techniques for selling products, services and ideas

- Planning a study of products and or services of the company, characterize the type of customers and collect information on competition and the market in general in order to respond appropriately to the needs, satisfaction and customer loyalty, using various sources of information

- To coordinate media planning and online tools and media;

- To monitor and manage the impact of digital marketing campaigns

- Managing and selecting the best tools for the implementation of branding strategies defined in the digital environment.




Develop an e-commerce strategy and monitor its results.
Analyse and discuss the results of commercial actions, proposing new actions and corrective measures.
To support the customer in terms of merchandising and informing him/her about new products and/or services and promotions.
To apply the commercial legislation in force applicable to the context of the company.
To analyse customer behaviour, diagnose their needs, proposing the development of digital products - either as a substitute or as a complement, taking into account their characteristics, sales conditions and after-sales services.
Ensure the receipt and handling of complaints, as well as other situations after the online sale, acting to solidify the partnership relationship with the customer, according to the strategic importance of after-sales service.
Study the products and or services of the company, characterize the type of customers and collect information about the competition and the market in general, in order to respond adequately to the needs, satisfaction and loyalty of customers, using various sources of information.
Produce written contents for dissemination
Ensure the permanent updating of contents
Produce reports analysing the competition's communication