Pós-Graduação em Proteção Civil

60 ECTS, 2 semesters, Degree official code:
Technology School of Tomar, Schoolofficial code 3242

Postgraduate course in Civil Protection

in partnership with

Escola Nacional de Bombeiros.


The Postgraduate course in partnership with the Escola Nacional de Bombeiros, aims to promote, consolidate and update knowledge in the field of Civil Protection, allowing its application in surveying, forecasting, assessing and preventing risks, analyzing vulnerabilities, information and training of populations, planning of emergency solutions, in order to articulate, interpret and evaluate different alternative solutions.

The curricular units taught by Escola Nacional de Bombeiros will be certified.



The Postgraduate Course in Civil Protection aims to meet human capital development goals in the area of Civil Protection. The training was designed based on the guiding principles contained in the Basic Law on Civil Protection, namely to prevent in the municipal territory the collective risks and the occurrence of serious accidents or catastrophes resulting therefrom; mitigating collective risks in the area of the municipality and limiting their effects in case of occurrences described in the previous paragraph; to assist and assist in the municipal territory the people and other living beings in danger and to protect cultural and environmental values and goods of high public interest; support the restoration of the normal life of people in areas of the municipality affected by major accidents or catastrophes.
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