Mestrado em Gestão

Prevailing scientific area: Gestão
Second-cycle degree, EQF Level 7; ISCED Level 7, 120 ECTS, 4 semesters, Degree official code: 9295
Management School of Tomar, School official code 3241

Master in Management - a tool for your future


The Master in Management (MG) aims to prepare professionals with entrepreneurial skills as well as to give a thorough and rigorous training in order to develop scientific and technical expertise to all those who exercise or plan to be able to perform professional activities in management or develop skills acquired.



 This programme is targeted to individuals who wish to consolidate and refresh their knowledge in the field and seeks to respond to government challenges in terms of applied research that addresses real business needs. It aims to meet the labour market requirements taking into account economic, social and cultural factors. The course structure is therefore designed so as to provide students with academic knowledge and expertise as well as develop critical soft skills in management related areas.


Students will acquire the knowledge and skills required to develop innovative management approaches; become familiar with analytical methods to explore available data and information as well as with the technologies available to process them in a systematic way; Be able to accept and conduct any management project; Design and implement strategies to make best use of available resources; Recognise the importance of the role of management in the strategic goals of an organization. Graduates from this Masters programme are expected to be able to face the challenges of today's ever-changing global market. There is now a brand new way of managing and working (material resources, multiculturalism, human resources, different tax and legal systems, new concepts, new management experiences, and so on).