TeSP - Gestão Administrativa de Recursos Humanos
3 ECTS; 1º Ano, 1º Semestre, 30,0 S

- Maria Fernanda Pires Aparício

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Understand the importance of socialization and an adequate program host; Participate in the development of host programs and integration, appropriate to the company and the candidate's role to recruit.

1. Introduction
- Socialization Concept
- Organization and job
2. Home
- The role of the host
- What information to give and when
- Who should participate in host
- Host programs
- Useful tools
- Hosting Costs
3. Integration
- The function, the techniques involved and the people related work
- Critical reflection on the work and its role in the Organization
- Evaluation of the results
- The most common errors and their impact

Evaluation Methodology
Continuous assessment: attendance and group work.
They are approved and dispense exam Students whose score is equal to or higher than 10 in the work and obtain at least 10 marks in frequency.
Exams: set times.

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- The Implications of Socialization and Integration in Supply Chain Management.(2006, 1 de setembro). Journal of Operations Management, pp. 604-620.
- Socialization Tactics and Newcomer Information Acquisition.(2002, 1 de dezembro). Internacional Journal of Selection and Assessment, pp. 48-61.

Method of interaction
Lessons with oral presentation supported by data show, and presentation/discussion of cases and work carried out in real organizations.

Software used in class
Windows Microsoft