Building Materials I

Civil Engineering
5 ECTS; 1º Ano, 1º Semestre, 15,0 T + 45,0 TP


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Students should be able to
- identify the different types of building materials with regard to manufacturing process, properties and applications
- identify the standards and documents concerning the application of materials as well as quality control procedures
- select materials

1 ? Introduction to building materials;
2 ? Natural stones;
3 ? Earth as building material;
4 ? Mineral binders;
5 ? Ceramics;
6 ? Glass;
7 ? Wood and wood based materials;
8 ? Steel and non-ferrous metals;
9 ? Polymeric materials (paints, varnishes, plastics and bituminous materials);
10 ? Composite materials.

Evaluation Methodology
Written test (65%) and a research assignment (35%).
Written test includes theoretical and practical components and minimum pass mark is 9.5/20.
The research assignment is based on a selected topic.

- LNEC, L. (2002). Materiais plásticos para a construção civil - Características e tipos de aplicação. (Vol. ITMC 29). Lisboa: LNEC
- Mascarenhas, J. (2003). Sistemas de Construção ? Paredes (2ª parte) e materiais básicos (1ª parte). (Vol. III). Lisboa: Livros Horizonte
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- APICER, A. (2009). Manual de Alvenaria de Tijolo. (Vol. -). Coimbra: APICER

Method of interaction
Lectures making use of illustrative examples. Problem solving.
Field trips and technical sessions.

Software used in class
Not applicable