Fundamentals of Law

Health Care Services Management, Publication in the Diário da República - RCC 21/12/2010 [DR. 4926/2011 21.03.2011]

4 ECTS; 1º Ano, 1º Semestre, 45,0 TP


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On Fulfilling of the course the students should
1.Recognise Law as a normative and social order
2.Identify the legal rules
3.Know the sources and branches of law.
4.Be familiar with the government bodies and their mode of operation.
5.Understand the legal and the obligational relation.

1.Introductory concepts.
2.The elements of Law.
3.The political organisation of the State.
4.Sources of Law.
5.Branches of Law
6.Law interpretation and integration.
7.The legal relation.
8.The obligation relation.

Evaluation Methodology
Two mid-term tests or final exam.

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Method of interaction

Software used in class