Media Studies

4 ECTS; 1º Ano, 2º Semestre, 15,0 T + 30,0 TC + 4,50 OT

- Raquel Palma Tomé de Sousa Botelho

Not applicable.

Explore new ways to communicate that came with the new media, including the Internet, in order to identify different features, functions and procedures.

Cyberspace and virtual reality, net architectures, collaborative authoring
and the role of the escrileitor, pull vs. Push, hypertext and
cybertext, communication ergodic, ludology versus narratology,
action and perception, interactivity and interaction, the interface.

Evaluation Methodology
4 Practical work

- Nielsen, J. Designing Web Usability. (Vol. -). (pp. ---). -: -
- Darley, A. (2002). Visual Digital Culture, surface play and spectacle in new. (Vol. -). (pp. ---). -: -
- Espannha, R. e Araujo, V. e Cardoso, G. (2009). Da comunicação de massa à Comunicação em rede. Porto: Porto Editora
- Miller, C. (2004). Digital Storytelling: A creators guide to interactive storytelling. Burlington: Focal Press

Method of interaction
Lectures and practices with an explanation of the contents
given and application exercises

Software used in class