Book Design

Master's degree in Editorial Design
8 ECTS; 1º Ano, 1º Semestre, 60,0 TP + 4,0 OT + 4,0 O

- Ana Isabel e Sousa do Carmo

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1. Design the graphic layout for a collection
2. Be familiar with the specificities of the production flow of a book
3. Create an original approach to book design
4. Develop a book design project fitted to its content

1. formats
2. Cover Design (collections and one of a kind)
3 Grids and content
4. The parts of a book
5. Hierarchies of information
6. Multilingual Books
7. text and iconography
8. Techniques for page layout
9 Indexes
10. Professionals working for a book
11. Projects: Designing two books

Evaluation Methodology
Frequency and Exam evaluation: presentation of two projects (worth 50% each).

- Tondreau, B. (2009). Layout Design: 100 Design Principles for Building Grids. Beverly, USA: Rockport Publishers
- Birdsall, D. (2004). Notes on Book Design. New Haven, USA: Yale University Press
- Hochuli, J. e Kinross, R. (2003). Designing books: practice and theory. Londres: Hyphen Press
- Haslam, A. (2006). Book Design. Londres: Laurence King Publishing

Method of interaction
1. Lectures supported by datashow
2. Practical lessons including practical exercises
3. Preparation of book design projects with guidance.

Software used in class
Adobe InDesign