Painting Project

Plastic Arts - Painting and Intermedia, Publication in the Diário da República - Ext Ata Reun n.23 CTC-ESTT

20 ECTS; 3º Ano, Anual, 30,0 T + 180,0 PL + 15,0 OT


Knowledge and command of art production techniques.
Be able to read and interpret images.

Provide enough skills that enable students to evolve and prepare a personal project in which they can put in practice the concepts and techniques learned.

The students are expected to draw up a project involving continuous research in order to consolidate initial proposals. Results will obviously be unpredictable depending on the students' choices and proposals.

Evaluation Methodology
Individual project drawn up. Theoretical work performed as a basis of the project.
Assiduity will be a crucial component in assessment.

- Benjamin, W. (1992). Sobre Arte, Técnica, Linguagem e Política. Lisboa: Relógio d'Água
- Krauss, R. (1986). The Originality of the Avant-Garde and Other modernist Myths. London: Cambridge Mass, MIT Press
- Merleu-Ponty, M. (2000). O Olho e o Espírito. Lisboa: Vega

Method of interaction
Workshop classes. Students will develop their own artistic project with the lecturer's guidance and approval.

Software used in class
Not applicable.