TeSP - Contabilidade e Gestão, Publication in the Diário da República - Aviso n.º 2033/2018 - 14/02/2018

4 ECTS; 1º Ano, 1º Semestre, 15,0 T + 30,0 TP

- Marta Margarida Santos Dionísio

Does not apply.

Students should be able to:
- Apply a set of skills in specific communicative situations;
- Fluently use text interpretation and production skills in English;
- Acquire and apply the grammar needed to achieve the goals.

1. The English language in daily life communication and in the workplace context
1.1Introducing oneself and others and receiving others at work;
1.2. Writing formal and semi formal electronic messages/ letters;
2. The world of work;
2.1. Work and motivation
2.2. Management - art or science?
3. Specific terminology related to management
Grammar Contents
1. Articles and pronouns;
2. verb tenses;
3. Conditionals;
4. Prepositions;
5. Adjectives and adverbs.

Evaluation Methodology
Continuous assessment:
written test 60% + research work 20% + continuous evaluation 20%
Working Students:
written test 70% + research work 30%
written exam 70% + research work 30%

- Brown, H. e Dooley, J. e Evans, V. (2017). Career Paths - Management I. Berkshire: Express Publishing
- Peltier, S. e Taylor, J. (2015). Career Paths - Accounting. Berkshire: Express Publishing
- Murphy, R. (2019). Essential Grammar in Use. Oxford: Oxford University Press

Method of interaction
Reading, listening, speaking and writing exercises applying the correct grammar during theoretical-practical lessons joining all the important skills of learning a foreign language.

Software used in class
Does not apply.