Executive Master em Gestão para Empreendedores e Executivos

, 48 ECTS, Degree official code:
Management School of Tomar, School official code 3241



 The economic strength of a country depends on the productivity of its business environment. One of the factors that influence decisively the productive performance of organizations is its quality of management. It is also expected that improved management capacity of entrepreneurs (and future entrepreneurs) increases its rate of success in creating and developing new business, which will positively influence the economic growth.

The Executive Master in Management for Executives and Entrepreneurs aims to give a decisive and focused contribution for the desideratum to improve the knowledge and skills in Management of the Executivess and Entrepreneurs.The programme offers a curricula that aims to provide a body of knowledge directed to the various business functions (finance / economics , human resources, marketing , ... ) , leading to a strong background in management , and, through integrating disciplines , an overview of the function of the Executive and Entrepreneur , enabling intelligent participation in the Strategic Process and the process of start-up creation and development.
For those who already have basic training in business management, the Executive Master in Management for Executives and Entrepreneurs offers an excellent opportunity to review, update and deepen knowledge in the face of constant changes that occur in the various disciplines .This integrated and professionally-oriented , multidisciplinary approach offers a clear competitive advantage and is a differentiating factor in their professional careers .